Pay with Vendi if there are no coins

No problems with change No cash, card or terminal Only your phone!

The application allows you to quickly and conveniently pay at vending machines.

Simple and fast way to pay

No need to look for coins and load your pockets with change.

Your mobile wallet is always with you

Use any payment source, including e-money and your mobile account.

Get rewards for shopping and save

Participate in loyalty programs. Buy more and get discounts on future purchases.

It’s easy to pay at the vending machine with Vendi!

  1. Specify the amount and source of payment and click on "Pay Now" button.
  2. The payment amount will appear on the display of the vending machine.
  3. Press the product selection button on the vending machine and take your goods
For vending machine owners

Install Vendi in your vending machine and get the following:

  • Non-cash payment acceptance
  • Discount, campaign and loyalty program management tool
  • Monitoring tool

All-in-One Device for

Vendi makes it easy to accept non-cash payments!

Easy to Install

It takes 5 minutes to install the modem controller, no frame modification needed.


Vendi modem controller is compatible with all vending machines operating on standard MDB, EXE, DEX protocols.


Accept non-cash payments without having to install expensive banking terminals or card readers.

Discounts and Promotions

Run advertising campaigns and promotions to increase sales: "the first cup of coffee as a gift", "happy hours", "bring a friend".

Corporate Clients

Provide corporate clients with an opportunity to pay for individual catering for their employees in your vending machine.


Get product feedback, comments and suggestions.

Real-time monitoring of vending machine operations and revenues


Get real-time report on sales, finance, consumption of goods and ingredients in your personal account.


Get all the important information about new events or unexpected problems with mobile app notifications or SMS-messages.

Reasonable Price

$ 80

The cost of the modem controller

$ 5

Monthly subscription fee


Transaction fee

Connect the vending machine

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